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Architectural Millwork in Brewster NY, Custom Cabinets by RAF TECH Group

Raf Tech Group Offers Top End Custom Designs for Any Application

Using the most cutting edge equipment and skills that have been honed through years of artistic expression, we at Raf Tech Group provide unparalleled architectural millwork and cabinetry for both commercial and residential applications. We create designs that are tailor-made for each space to allow for not only an undeniable artistic impression but also for great function.

Our range of custom pieces includes wall paneling, moldings, doors, frames, cabinets, and any other finely detailed woodwork you may require. Our professional millwork specialists can design any piece down to the finest detail for a unique and stunning focal point in any room.

No project is too large or too small, so contact us today and begin the discussion on that interesting millwork piece you have in mind. We will bring it to life and install it for you with extreme precision and detail.


Our Custom Millwork Services

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Custom Residential and Commercial Architectural Millwork in *Brewster, NY* by Raf Tech Group

Why Choose Us

Why Raf Tech Group is Right for Your Custom Design Millwork

Experienced Expertise

Through the years, our professional millwork artisans have developed their skills through hard work and dedication to their craft. We bring you the utmost in professional expertise for an exemplary finished product every time.

Affordable Artistry

Incredible custom designs do not need to be overpriced. We pride ourselves on bringing the best custom millwork and cabinetry to you at very affordable prices. Our goal is to be accessible to anyone with a vision for fine detail.

Exceptional Quality

At Raf Tech Group, our custom designs not only look appealing but they are made to last. We work with only the top quality materials and use the best tools to create structurally sound pieces that will stand the test of time.

Timely Project Completion

We understand that at times, you need your custom piece completed according to a certain schedule. That’s why we focus on making sure you have your piece when you need it.

Superior Service

We don’t just produce finely constructed custom pieces, we are also dedicated to our customers with a friendly and welcoming nature. Every customer is treated with the same custom approach we take to creating each millwork piece, making you special to us.

Highly Skilled Professionals

To create our incredible custom designs, we rely on our amazingly skilled millwork artisan professionals. We have custom millworkers who are at the top of their field to bring you only the best in millwork and cabinetry products.

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