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    Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets NYC

    At Raf Tech Group, custom cabinets in NYC is our specialty. We professionally and artistically create custom-made architectural products. With our state-of-the-art technology and expert knowledge backed by our years of experience, we are able to deliver the highest quality kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other custom cabinets directly to you. As well, our work is not complete until we have professionally installed your custom design cabinets, whether it is for a commercial or residential application.

    We are proud of the professional skills our team have developed over the years. Our ability to take on any project size, large or small, makes our custom cabinets ideal for any project. So whether you are looking for custom built cabinets that is simple in design or a complex and elaborate piece, Raf Tech Group is here to work with you to create exactly what you need. Call us today!


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    Why Choose Us

    Experts of Custom Cabinets & Custom Built Cabinets NYC

    Skilled Custom Cabinet Builders

    Millwork is a difficult skill to master, needing precision for the right result. With our experience in custom cabinets, we bring the highest level of skill to every project.

    Top-Quality Materials

    To do the job right, you need the best materials possible. We select the finest wood, hardware, and accessories to make our custom cabinets with the highest level of quality.

    Exceptional Quality Service

    At any stage of the process, your custom-built cabinets are crafted with you as our priority. We go the extra mile to make sure we deliver a product that exceeds your expectations.

    Attention to Detail

    An important aspect of creating beautiful and timeless custom cabinets is taking care of the finer details of every piece. That’s what gives our custom cabinetry its wide appeal.

    Trending Designs

    In the world of custom cabinet building, it’s important to stay on top of today’s trends. That allows us to create stylish and forward-thinking pieces which stand the test of time.

    Functional Beauty

    When creating a custom cabinet piece, we always focus on beauty and practicality. The goal is to create a piece that is the focal point of any space while also being functional.


    They love us.

    When people said that something was exquisite, I always thought it an exaggeration. Now, I have to use the word myself, as this is the first thing that comes to mind regarding my new cabinets. Simple, yet elegant, they added finishing touch to my bathroom. Great job guys!

    Stanley Graves

    Thorough, precise and accommodating. What more could I want from the custom cabinets makers? They gave my office reception such a facelift that for a while regular customers thought they hit wrong floor button in the elevator. The place looks so much better after now that it's hard to believe.

    Barbara Morton

    These contractors handled all the custom built cabinets in our home in our new home. Their work was so incredible, we'll never trust anyone else with custom cabinets again!

    Chris Carson

    For the friendliest and easiest experience, we always trust these contractors with our custom millwork. So far, they've done the cabinets, doors, and frames within our home and their work is always perfect.

    Daniel Stevens

    These guys were able to give my business that additional touch which really makes us stand out. Their intricate designs lend my business a unique flair and we're always getting compliments.

    Dorothy Bowen

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